Retail and Commercial


In our quest to set the industry benchmark, Gentry continues to develop innovative fit out solutions for the retail and commercial sectors. As an industry leading fit out company, Gentry offers an extensive range of retail and commercial fit outs including:

Our team of trained professionals are committed to tailoring quality, reliable and cost-effective fit out solutions that align with your brand, are functional and durable, and promote longevity for your business. The experience of our team and caliber of suppliers on hand ensures that we source only the finest products and equipment, and deliver the best results for your business.

Placing great importance on crafting spaces that are both practical and visually appealing, Gentry customizes each fit out with the business’ brand personality, budget and time frames at the fore.

At Gentry, we will assist you throughout the entire fit out process, from the initial concept generation and design, compliant with federal, state and local building codes, and final construction of the fit out. In addition to this, the materials, products and equipment that we source are of the highest quality and check all of the boxes in terms of their application, performance, warranty and value. If we don’t happen to have a particular brand or product readily available, then the Gentry team will happily source or even manufacture it for you.

Regarded as a trusted retail and commercial fit outs, Gentry strives to consistently deliver a reliable and affordable service, and produce quality, innovative fit outs to businesses of all shapes and sizes.