Pre-Lease negotiations and Advise


Pre-lease negotiation is one of the greatest challenges that many business owners will face in lieu of commencing a fit out project. Prior to engaging in pre-lease negotiations and commencing any planning or construction work, it is crucial that you have an understanding of the site in which you are operating and the restrictions that apply. The team at Gentry will guide you through the process and assist with the liaison between stakeholders in order to ensure that the agreement remains mutually beneficial and the final fit out serves your business’ needs.

Armed with over 25 years of experience delivering fit outs for countless businesses across a broad range of industries, we know exactly what to look out for when considering potential sites and how to conduct you pre-lease negotiation effectively. Commissioning Gentry to help manage your pre-lease agreement could save you thousands on your fit out project. Giving you peace of mind, Gentry will provide valuable advice and assist you with securing an acceptable pre-lease agreement, all in order to ensure that your fit out gets off to a great start.