Design and Specification


The design of your project is undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements that places the greatest bearing on the success of your store or commercial space. Practicality, longevity and durability lie at the heart of each and every fitout project that we design and execute. At Gentry, we strategically design customised fit outs that create impact, promote efficiency, stimulate the desired customer behaviour and cultivate profitability. Our team of experienced designers specialise in:

All fit out projects that Gentry undertakes begins with an inspection of the premises. Following this, we will then develop an initial concept plan and take the time to talk through it with you in order to ensure that all aspects of the design and functionality align with the supplied brief and core objectives of the business. The relationships that we build with our clients are of a collaborative nature. Therefore, at Gentry, we ensure that communication lines remain open at all times, allowing you to review your fit out progressively and provide feedback at each stage of the process.

In developing the plans for your fit out, we predominantly design using 2D drawings and will frequently consult with you to obtain approval in order for the build phase to commence. When the project calls for it, we can also render project plans in 3D, whether it be to facilitate clearer visualisation of the finished product, or to aid in the approval process when consulting with stakeholders.

Whether you’re a franchisee or commercial building tenant, Gentry can guide you through the process of lodging the necessary legal documentation and will ensure that your fit out remains in compliance with federal, state and local codes. From drafting the initial design concept through to the final construction of your fit out, Gentry can help make your vision a reality.